Who won the Super Bowl?

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“From the rising of the sun to it’s setting the name of the Lord is to be praised.” Psalm 133:3

Who won the Super Bowl this year? You probably don’t have a hard time answering that question. After all, you watched the game, you’ve seen the news, you’ve scrolled through Facebook, or you’ve done all 3!

Whether you’re a fan of the Patriots or not, you have to admit that winning the Super Bowl is a pretty incredible accomplishment. As a team, you must prove yourself against the best football players in the world by winning throughout a 16 game season. Then you’re up against the best of the best in the playoffs where you must rise to the top as the stand alone champion. Pretty impressive. Congrats to the Pats!

But let me ask you another question. Who won the Super Bowl last year? Unless you’re a diehard fan, you have to think a little harder don’t you.? It was Broncos – I know you were about to google it!

Who won the Super Bowl 5 years ago? 10 years ago? 21 years ago? (Ya that was the Cowboys!)

Here’s my point, over time praise diminishes. A few weeks from now, maybe even a few days from now, people will stop talking about how the Patriots won the Super Bowl, and we’ll move on to something else…March Madness.

Whether it’s sports, movies, arts, academia, or politics…praise diminishes.

You’re the champion this year, but someone else will be next year. You’re the best actor this year, but tomorrow someone else gets the attention. People celebrate you’re the president, and 8 years later people celebrate you’re leaving. Praise diminishes.

Whether it's sports, movies, arts, academia, or politics...praise diminishes. Share on X

Until it comes to Jesus Christ.

Praise toward Jesus is never ending. It doesn’t diminish. It does’t decrease. It doesn’t dwindle.


The name of the Lord Jesus is praised 24 hours a day, 7 days, a week, 365 days a year, and generation after generation. “From the rising of the sun to it’s setting…” Guess what? The sun is always rising somewhere. There is somebody, somewhere praising the name of Jesus at all times.

If by chance we stopped praising the Lord, the rocks would immediately pick up the slack and cry out in adoration of Him! Luke 19:40

Still the Champion

Here’s the other thing about Jesus, He will always be on His throne. Nothing will overtake Him, and no one will overpower Him. He is the King eternal. The stand alone champion.


Don’t be guilty of letting your praise towards Jesus diminish. You have something today for which to praise Him! He’s still on His throne, and He’s worthy of your praise.

Praise toward Jesus is never ending. It doesn't diminish. It does't decrease. It doesn't dwindle. Share on X

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