Grace Inspires

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I’m currently taking a seminary class, and one of the requirements is

to read a book a week, and write a 6 page summary paper. It’s been quite a challenge! Week after week, as I write the summary papers, I always end the paper on page 6. I don’t write 20 page papers, or even 8 page papers. I write 6 page papers. You know why? Because that’s all the professor requires! The professor’s law says 6, so that’s how many I write. I’m not inspired to do any more than what the law says.
That’s how laws work. Laws are not inspiring. Laws do not inspire a person to rise above, or go beyond. Laws set the bare minimum of what is required. The Old Testament is full of laws. I believe there were over 600 of them that the Israelites had to abide by. Jesus came not to abolish the law, but to fulfill the law. He set a new standard. Jesus raised the bar. It’s called GRACE!

Where as the law is not inspiring, grace most definitely is. Grace inspires me to rise above the bare minimum and do more, because that’s what He did for me. Jesus went beyond the call of duty, and sacrificed His life for you and me. Yes, we should be thankful, but we should also be inspired. We should be inspired to love more, give more, forgive more, and encourage more. When you receive grace, you give grace. Go and show grace to someone today!