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Who’s Really in Control of Your Life?

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If I were to hop on on the counseling couch I’d have to confess, I like control.  Better yet, I like to be in control.

Now before you label me some weirdo control freak, let me explain. In some form or fashion, we all like to be in control.  I say this because for most people, being out of control produces fear, anxiety, and nervousness.

If you don’t believe me go hop in the passenger seat of your new car and let a 16 year old drive you through downtown Dallas during rush hour.  Or hop out of a perfectly good airplane tandem with a stranger 10,000 feet in the air trusting he’ll pull the ripcord in time.  (I’ve done 1 of the previous 2 examples…I’ll let you guess which one.)

Being out of control is scary.

When we find ourselves in those out of control moments, we do what comes natural.  We try to gain control.

And we aren’t the only weirdo’s who do that.  Abraham had control issues thousands of years ago.

As I read his story recently, I was intrigued by the fact that in two different scenarios, Abraham told people his wife Sarah was his sister.  In his mind he wasn’t lying. She was, in fact, the daughter of his father.  But Abraham was speaking out of fear that the king would have him killed because of his wife’s beauty.

Abraham felt out of control, so he tried to gain control.  Twice.

The beauty of this story though, isn’t found in Abraham’s desire to gain control, but in God’s design to display His control.

You see the entire time, God was behind the scenes with a plan.  Both times He intervened in the situation and warned the kings what would happen if they touched Sarah.  God was definitely running the show, and Abraham had a front row seat to a very important life lesson:

God’s control is greater than our control. 

It’s a simple concept with profound implications for our lives.

If we truly recognize God’s control in our lives we will…

1. Trust God.

There is a high level of trust that must be present when you surrender control to someone.  You wouldn’t give control to someone who couldn’t bear the weight of that control. That’s the reason you don’t see 4 year olds driving vehicles.

God can bear the weight that control requires, therefore you can trust Him!

It was trust that enabled Abraham to say, “God will provide…” (Gen. 22:8)

2. Obey God.

After Abraham and Sarah have a son named, Isaac, God asks Abraham to go up the mount side to sacrifice His only son. What does Abraham do?  It’s recorded that “Abraham stretched out his hand and took the life to slay his son.” (Gen. 22:10)

Abraham obeys God.

Abraham recognizes now what he missed earlier in life.  When you obey God, you are displaying your trust that He is in control.

Disobedience is our attempt at acquiring control that doesn’t belong to us.

Disobedience is our attempt at acquiring control that doesn't belong to us. Click To Tweet

3. Credit God.

In the end, “Abraham called the name of that place The Lord Will Provide.”

For generations to come people would tell, and are still telling, the story of God’s provision in the life of Abraham. Abraham gave credit to God. He recognize who was really in control.


Is there a situation in your life where you feel out of control? Something where you feel helpless about the outcome?

Maybe the lack of control is producing in you fears, anxieties, and nervousness.

Let me encourage you today (and myself later when I read this) to recognize God’s complete control of your life and your circumstance. He’s running the show.  He can bear the weight.

Trust Him.  Obey Him.  Credit Him.

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