3 steps to start a blog

3 Simple Steps to Start a Blog

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Over the last week, I’ve had several people ask about how to start a blog or website. So I thought I’d write a quick post to help people out.

Here’s the thing. It’s not rocket science. If I can do it, you can do it. My background is not in web design, IT, or coding.  I’m not even sure how a website works, what hosting really is, or how to point a domain in right direction.


I have learned a few tips and tricks that make it super easy for a guy like me.

So here are my three simple steps to start a blog (or website)!


1. Pick a Hosting Plan.

There are plenty of great hosting options out there, but I have found GoDaddy to be the easiest to use. They have fantastic customer support. Because I don’t know much about the interworking of site building, I can simply call them up, and talk to a real live person very easily.

Every time I have called, the folks at GoDaddy have walked me through the proper steps.

BONUS: GoDaddy has a wordpress hosting plan that walks you step by step through setting up your site. They’ll even help you through the next two steps I’m about to share with you.


2. Purchase a Domain.

Before you go and spend money on a domain, if you choose the WordPress hosting mentioned above through GoDaddy, they’ll give you a free domain for the first year.  Pretty sweet!

Your domain is the url that people type in their web-browser to get to your site. Don’t get too fancy with this.  Make it easily memorable for people. If available, use your personal name, business name, or church name.

Don’t panic if the .com is not available. There are many great options today like .org, .church, .life, etc. Be creative, but be simple.


3. Purchase a Theme

At first I always went with a free theme, which is totally doable. There are some great ones out there. However, what I quickly found out was there were so any limitations to what you can do with a free theme.  Typically they’ll want you to upgrade to the premium theme, but those still have their limitations.

I personally use X Theme by Theme Forest for every website I build. It has several built in templates to use, but it also has the flexibility to grow beyond the template.  With each purchase, you also get tons of extensions for free which could beef up your site if you decide to have call to actions, sale products, or add creative content.


That’s it!  Now you get to start designing your site.  If you’re not into design, check out our friends at The Creative Place. They’ll do a fantastic job of giving your church or business a first class, professional website.

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