Do You Need Some Foundation Work?

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Erin and I visited ground zero in New York several years ago. Foundation work of the new One World Trade Center was under way and was mind boggling to see.  It was nothing like the one I built for a shed in my backyard (out of square and unleveled).

The foundation work at ground zero was tedious, it took months, and they went deep.

Why such a massive and expensive undertaking?  Why not throw up some forms, pour some concrete and call it done?

Because foundations are important.

In fact, the foundation you don’t see is more important than the structure you do see. A solid foundation is often described as having integrity.

There are many definitions for integrity. I’d like to propose this one.

Integrity is being able to bear the weight of something great.

Integrity is being able to bear the weight of something great. Click To Tweet

Foundations with cracks lack integrity. In fact, the whole idea of the Hebrew word for integrity meant something “whole or complete.”

When you have a solid foundation, or integrity, you’re able to bear the weight of something great. Job was a man of integrity. Moses had integrity. David had integrity.

Integrity doesn’t mean perfection. None of these men were perfect, but they did live with a solid character. They were able to bear the weight of something great and God used these humble men to accomplish great things.

Notice what the time-tested Proverb teaches.

“He who walks in integrity walks securely.” Proverbs 10:9

When you have integrity, there is stability in your life. You are able to walk in humble confidence knowing God is in control.  You don’t fret when the building of your life may come tumbling down at any moment.

You walk securely because there’s nothing to hide, nothing to fear, and nothing to lose.

Integrity may not be the most glamorous thing in your life. You won’t see immediate results in your 401k or big changes on the scale. However, you will find greater peace, greater joy, and greater fulfillment when you decide to do a little work on the foundation of integrity.

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