I'm Hangry

I’m Hangry!

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I get Hangry.  No that’s not a typo.  Every now and then I experience a well-known phenomenon known as being “hangry.”

Hangry is defined as being irritable as a result of being hungry.  For me hanger happens when I miss lunch and dinner can’t get here soon enough.

You know what satisfies being hangry?  Food.  100% of the time when I experience hanger, food satisfies my stomach.

This past week, Jesus’ words on the sermon on the mount have resonated with me.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled.”  Matthew 5:6

This question has been rattling in my soul this week: Do I hunger for righteousness?  I know what hunger for food feels like in my stomach, but do I know what hunger for righteousness feels like in my soul?


I think there are at least two ways we can identify a true hunger for righteousness.

1. Sin Grieves Me. 

When we hunger for righteousness, our sin grieves us. Sin is not something you can passively commit, and be OK with it.  It’s something that breaks your heart because you know it breaks the heart of God.

Sin destroys. Sin debilitates. Sin desensitizes.

Being hungry for righteousness doesn’t mean you don’t sin.  It means your sin grieves you, so you confess it to the Lord and seek His forgiveness.

If I can deliberately sin and be OK with it, I’m not hungry for righteousness.


2. Christ Sustains Me.

Just like food satisfies the stomach, Jesus satisfies our hunger for righteousness.  After all, it’s only through Christ that anyone can experience true righteousness.  (See 2 Corinthians 5:21)

When I get hangry, cupcakes don’t satisfy.  A movie doesn’t satisfy.  A nap doesn’t satisfy.  Only solid food provides the nutrition my stomach is craving.

When we hunger for righteousness, a new car doesn’t satisfy.  A new job won’t satisfy.  Only a growing relationship with Jesus Christ will satisfy the longing of your soul.


Think about it…

Do you hunger and thirst for righteousness?  Does your sin grieve you?  Do you find satisfaction in Christ alone?

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