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Do You Struggle With Doubt?

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So…you doubt the resurrection?

That’s OK, so did the disciples…at least at first.

After hearing the report that Jesus was alive, many of the disciples struggled with doubt.

  • Matthew’s account says, “…some were doubtful.” Matthew 28:17
  • Mark’s account says, “…they refused to believe it.” Mark 16:11
  • Luke’s account says, “…it appeared to them as nonsense, and they would not believe them.” Luke 24:11
  • John’s account says, “…they did not understand.” John 20:9

It’s that amazing! After Jesus had clearly told them, “I will rise again on the third day,” they still struggled with doubt. They believed the resurrection was nonsense.

Now, before you throw stones at them for their lack of faith, think about what they had just witnessed over the last three days.

  • They witnessed Jesus being arrested.
  • They witnessed Jesus face trial under the disguise of night.
  • They witnessed Jesus mocked, beaten, and whipped.
  • They witnessed Jesus crucified on a cross.
  • They witnessed Jesus’ death.
  • They witnessed Jesus placed in the grave.
  • They witnessed the grave sealed with a stone.
  • They witnessed soldiers placed in front to guard the tomb.

Would you believe?  Do you believe?

In many ways we are just like the disciples. God has promised us so much in His Word, and so often we doubt if He will provide. We doubt His love.  We doubt His forgiveness.  We doubt if God will do what He says He will do.

From Doubt to Faith

Whenever we experience doubts, we feel guilty and get the idea that we must be less spiritual than everyone else.  After all we can’t read other people’s minds, and we assume every other believer has it all together all the time.

Doubts discourage us.  And on some level they should!

Having doubts doesn’t mean you are less spiritual.  Do you know what doubts mean?  They mean you are having doubts.  That’s it.

It’s OK to have doubts, but it’s not OK to stay there. Doubts can push us towards a greater faith and a greater intimacy with Christ.

Doubts can push us towards a greater faith and a greater intimacy with Christ. Click To Tweet

The disciples doubted the resurrection, but they didn’t stay that way.  The investigated, and that investigation lead them to a greater level of trust in Jesus.  They came to a place of boulder confidence and stronger commitment.  It was just the boost they needed to begin transforming the world.

Do you doubt?  Good.  But don’t stay there in your doubts.  Search out the scriptures. Grow in your faith. Bring your questions to God. I promise…He’s big enough to handle them.






  1. Love this Brother Andy. I also needed this devotional today. I had just been a little grieved last night over my lack of faith (doubt) in something lately. Thank you for the reminder even the disciples doubted at one point. Love your solution. If your experiencing doubt, grow hungrier and search out Christ with a new vigor in the scriptures. Thank you brother Andy.

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