What Excites Me Most About Planting a Church

In Church, Georgetown by Andy Comer

I’ve been hearing this question a lot lately.  “Are you excited about planting a church?”

Hmmm…  Let me put it this way.  I wake up thinking about it.  I go to work planning for it.  I find myself day dreaming about it.  Erin and I frequently talk about it.  I look for ways to share with others about it.  I’m constantly praying about it.

So, YES!  I’m a little bit excited! 

I got to thinking.  What exactly about “it” (church planting) gets me so excited?  Here are a few things.

1. I’m excited about seeing lives changed.  I’m really not interested in planting a church where people come, sit, and soak.  I’m interested in planting a church where people’s lives are changed through the power of the gospel (Rom. 1:16).  A church where people cross the threshold from unbelief to belief!  A church where marriages are restored, parents find hope, and singles find purpose.

2. I ’m excited about seeing God at work. Even now as I see plans coming together and the launch team taking shape, it’s always amazing to see God at work.  Some of the connections we have already made in Georgetown are truly God connections.  We cannot do it without Him, and we really don’t want to.

3. I’m excited about stepping out on faith.  I can almost feel what it must have been like for Peter stepping out of the boat. Right now in my life, in my family, and in my finances things are safe.  The boat is comfy.  But I can’t wait to step out of the boat on faith and see what God does.

4. I’m excited about what we will learn.  I wish I could say we have it all figured out and everything will go according to plan.  That’s too idealistic.  Problems will surface and challenges will come.  We will make mistakes, but we will learn and grow.  We will fail our way forward.

5. I’m excited about what the future holds.  God is writing a story, and I can’t wait to see how each chapter unfolds.  It seems like we are still in that introduction chapter, waiting to get started.  But I know God has a fantastic story awaiting us.  I want our story to be His story.  I want more than anything for Antioch Georgetown to magnify and glorify the wonderful name of Jesus.

Yes, we are excited!  Pray for us as we dream big, plan strategically, and follow the Spirit’s leading.