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4 Ways to Draw Near to God

Why is it when a child gets scared in the middle of the night, he/she wants to crawl into bed with mommy and daddy? It seems like every other night about 2am Erin and I welcome a little munchkin into our bed. I guess when your kids are ages 7, 4, and 2, there’s a […]

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God is Faithful

God is Faithful Sermon Have you ever had a bad day?  I know I’ve had plenty. Bad days are something we all can relate to. A guy named Jeremiah had more than a bad day. He found himself battling depression, bitterness, and brokenness during his life. He laments about it in one particular Old Testament […]

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Punch Fear in the Face

I was having lunch with a couple of friends the other day, and they were sharing with me about their own feelings of inadequacy in church leadership.  What’s funny is, I was thinking the exact same thing about myself!!  We shared with one another thoughts we were having like: “I’m not sure I have what […]

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